We Take Administration to the Next Level

In today's high demand work environment, administrations are in need of systems that can work efficiently and effectively to collect, maintain, and retrieve important information. Way too often teams are relying on antiquated technologies to work including personal spreadsheets, shared network drives, and inefficient email communications.

At Adminformatics, we strive to break you out of these old working trends to deliver you into a new world of web-based technologies. We offer a variety of custom development solutions to convert your current business processes into new innovations to supercharge your business workflows, boost your time management, and improve your overall results.

An Adminformatic system will eliminate the need to focus on the tedious tasks so you can address tend to true administrative issues.

Our Mission

To provide excellent customer service for each client by creating innovative software solutions that promote efficiency, collaboration, and communication.

How can a Web System can assist you?
Centralized Data

A properly developed web system opens new opportunities to share data across several units within an organization. Removing the limitations of information managed separately on spreadsheets and network drives, a centralized database management system provides new ways for groups to access up-to-date information. Security controls can be built to limit views to specific roles.

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Provide Automation

Web systems can developed to contain intelligently programmed work flows. Your complex business process, such as New Hires, can be transformed into a web-powered work flow. Triggering events when a new employee is hired on, or a new submission has been added to your database will take the guesswork out of when to start the next step in a process.

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Enhance Communication

The Internet has opened up new opportunities to collaborate in a virtual environment. Collaboration portals can be used for a variety of business needs. Virtual workspaces can be used to share documents and discuss issues on a virtual communication board. Having a centralized area for collaboration could boost your productivity while eliminating the need for in-person meetings. These interfaces can be extremely beneficial for administrations.

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Success Stories

"Our system has been an asset to our department. It has allowed us to easily manage Continuing Education tracking, evaluations, reports, and certificate of attendance distribution for our annual symposium which hosts over 650 people each year. It reduced our manpower hours from about 365 hours to 5 hours."

Lorraine N. Blagg, MA, MLS (ASCP)SBB
The Johns Hopkins Hospital

"We started using our new system and our office immediately noticed the time-saving functionality and ease of use. Such a great time-saver for our office!"

Terri Lynn Hennel
Program Administrator for Undergraduate Medical Education
Office of Curriculum
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Flagship Software Solutions
Adminformatics offers several solutions to clients as subscription based services, or "software as a service" (SAAS). Over time, these once standalone systems have become enterprise solutions that are routinely updated with new features and offerings across the entire platform. With an annual subscription, you are able to cut costs of full development and reap the same benefits of a personalized system.

Research Logix

Research Logix is software to assist Research Administration in the management and collection of research-related information such as publications, biosketches, and grants for their investigators. Once integrated into the Research Logix, data is transformed into power information to be used in various reporting mechanisms. Workflows and automation are found throughout to keep admins organized and in control of what is going on around their centers.


ActivTracker is an "all-in-one" event management solution. This software contains a primary event calendar which allows administrators to track attendance, upload event resources for user download, and data collection in the form of evaluations/feedback tools. Once data has been added to the system, custom sub-applications can be created to generate certificates, monitor compliance, and generate various types of reports.


In the area of research project review, there is little consistency for validating a good concept and guaranteeing its possibility of becoming a funded project. The MyPeerReview system aims to create a centralized area to conduct reviews on investigator ideas. The process allows investigators to submit ideas to a portal. Reviewers are notified and can review uploaded documents and evaluate the proposal.

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