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Adminformatics offers a few pre-built platforms to assist organizations in specific areas. These platforms are highly customizable to fit the business operations of groups. All of our SaaS platforms are offered as an annual subscription to eliminate larger development costs upfront.


All-in-one attendance tracking, compliance, and evaluations

ActivTracker is a web-based, ALL IN ONE conference / event manager. Encapsulating all of the primary functions and tasks of an event administrator, ActivTracker serves as an “Assistant” to the Conference Coordinator to quickly, efficiently, and effectively manage educational events, seminars, special events, meetings, etc.

ActivTracker consists of three primary areas of event coordination:

  • Event Preparation
  • Event Attendance Tracking
  • Event Follow up
  • Certificate Generation

Organization of these primary areas eliminates tedious tasks, improves time management, and reduces the stress of coordinating a rigorous event schedule. No matter what events you would like to track, ActivTracker can help improve the overall success of your department’s activities.


Learn More about ActivTracker

Learn more about how ActivTracker can assist you at:

ActivTracker Information Site

Research Logix

Investigator data collection management & Reporting

Stemming from over 20 years in the industry, Research Logix was developed for research administrators. This platform handles several complex workflows including:

  • Investigator Data Management
  • Publication Management
  • Grants & Funding Management
  • Research Funding Application Collection & Review
  • Training Program Management
  • Web Services


Learn More about Research Logix

Learn more about how Research Logix can help you at: Research Logix Information Site